Holy cow, what an investment!

I can’t actually remember how I first heard about Livestock Wealth but I remember really loving the concept. Investing in livestock is an age old practice in Africa and something which is most often done in a communal way. It’s really expensive to own and run a farm and herd, so coming to some sort of agreement with friends, family or neighbours is quite a common practice.

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20 SA Tech Entrepreneurs Making It Big In The Industry

Livestock Wealth is an innovative start-up that uses crowdfunding to invest in cattle. A single investor will invest in a portion of a calf, depending on how much they can invest. This opens up investments to lower income brackets within South Africa.The investor makes a small monthly contribution, and when the calf investment matures, Livestock Wealth buys back the grown cow. Users will earn back roughly 12.4% on their investment.

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3 Practical Lessons From Nature - And Farmers - That Other Businesses Can Use To Flourish

Going through a drought in your business? Here are lessons from farmers who know what that feels like.In 2016, livestock farmers came together to collectively buy grass and distribute, as a way to mitigate the effects of the drought. Farmers who farm alone were most affected by the drought.

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8 Gauteng startups to watch in 2018 [Digital All Stars]

Livestock Wealth, which uses crowdfarming to allow anyone to become a beef farmer, in October grabbed the first prize of R1.3-million at the 2017 SAB Foundation Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment Awards for their GrassBeef platform.

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This crowd-farming stock market has legs | Ntuthuko Shezi | TEDxJohannesburgSalon

Ntuthuko Shezi’s moonshot idea of crowd-farming cows—which he first presented at TEDxJohannesburg 2015—has grown legs. From a base of 26 cows back then, his stock has grown to a total of 1200 cows in 2018. In short, he has devised a clever way in which multiple individuals can remotely and digitally co-own a single cow. In other words, complete strangers, anywhere in the world, can be shareholders in a cow in Africa.

702 Talk Radio: The Science of Crowdfarming with Bruce Whitfield

“Crowdfunding” refers to the practice of bankrolling a venture by raising money from many people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the internet.


ENTREPRENEUR: Ntuthuko Shezi creating a cash cow

Crowdfunding has become a popular means of bringing people together to finance a cause. But Ntuthuko Shezi has taken the concept to a new level with Livestock Wealth, a company that enables people to participate in what he terms "crowd-farming".

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SAB Foundation awards over R9m to small social enterprises

The first prize of R1.3m was awarded to GrassBeef by Livestock Wealth. GrassBeef, developed by Ntuthuko Shezi, is a new healthy way of producing beef that involves the upliftment of rural communal cattle farmers. Livestock Wealth assists communities to produce good quality calves and provides an off-take agreement (by which they purchase the communities’ future production).

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Buying the cow: Global investors take interest in South Africa’s literal stock market

Livestock Wealth, which uses crowdfarming to allow anyone to become a beef farmer, in October grabbed the first prize of R1.3-million at the 2017 SAB Foundation Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment Awards for their GrassBeef platform.

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African Development Bank 200 movers and shakers join forces at Southern African conference to boost Jobs for Youth in Africa (JfYA) Strategy implementation

The African youth entrepreneur Ntuthuko Shezi kicked off the conference with a five-minute speech encouraging youth to undertake the exciting and rewarding path of entrepreneurship. In his words “young entrepreneurs see challenges and problems in their communities as business opportunities.

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What is the innovation?

Livestock Wealth is a new way to invest. It offers investors a different way to get returns from their capital than either the money market or the stock market. Founded by Ntuthuko Shezi, a serial entrepreneur and Electro-Mechanical Engineer, the idea is that because the price of livestock is on a constant upward trend, investors could make more money from trading in cattle than through traditional means such as a bank

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Cash cows: Why investors are buying pregnant cattle

It's a stock exchange environment where the farm is the company, the cows are the stock and the babies are the dividends," Nututhuko Shezi, founder and chief executive of South African startup Livestock Wealth, tells CNN.

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DIARY: 04 October with Ntuthuko Shezi

Ntuthuko Shezi is in studio today. He’s the Founder & CEO at Livestock Wealth. He is a 36-year-old Electro-Mechanical Engineer who began his career as a strategy consultant at Accenture. After five years of management consulting, Shezi left the corporate world to follow his entrepreneurship ambitions.

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Rise of the digital giants

The Gartner exec also made reference to Ntuthuko Shezi, CEO of Livestock Wealth, a business focused on the virtual ownership of cattle, as leading a business model that has embraced technology to blur the lines of physical and digital.With CEOs now turning their attention to technology to combat earnings recession and increasing their belief that digital will impact on profitability over the next five years, there is an expectation that digitally attributable revenue will grow.

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Why Africa is innovating more than you think

Earlier in July I read an article by David S. Levin on CNBC Africa [link: /news/financial/2016/07/07/why-africa-is-missing-among-the-worlds-top-innovators/] about why Africa is missing among the world’s top innovators. The article seemed to be loosely based on the Bloomberg Innovation Index’s “Fifty Most Innovative Economies” in the world. As the author rightly pointed out, Africa hardly features on this list.

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Did you know South African Cows can be purchased through crowdfunding?

This morning, I read about a new crowdfunding scheme in South Africa on the BBC website. Instead of the next tech or innovation, using Live Stock Wealth, you can buy a cow! Technology meets tradition and becomes innovation! (I wonder why they didn’t call it Cowfunding!)

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Serial Entrepreneur’s Crowdfund Helps Anyone Who Owns A Cow Get Financial Services

South Afrian Ntuthuko Shezi knew from an early age he wanted to be an entrepreneur, starting a small business that would help uplift his family and lighten their financial burden.After opening his first business as a young boy designing and printing T-shirts, there was no stopping him. But it wasn’t until he participated in U.S. President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative that his latest idea fully took shape.

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13m cows, one app: the city slickers selling cattle via 'crowd-farming'

Shezi is the founder and chief executive of Livestock Wealth, a South African startup that uses digital technology to allow the newly wealthy in the country’s rapidly expanding cities to invest in a traditional commodity: cattle.

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Traditional investment reinvented with Livestock Wealth

Shezi is the founder of Livestock Wealth, a mobile app that enables individuals to invest in livestock on farms that the company professionally manages. Instead of investing in bonds, shares and unit trusts, people can remotely store their wealth in livestock, expecting a lifelong return on investment.

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Cash Cows

Ntuthuko Shezi has always wanted to play the stock market, but the thought of creating his own stock was more appealing. His new venture, Livestock Wealth, provides a solution for urbanites like himself.Livestock Wealth is a ‘crowdfarming’ platform that offers people with no land – or no time to tend to cattle – the opportunity to own livestock.

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When in doubt, buy a cow

Livestock Wealth is a crowd-farming investment platform, which allows people to own cattle without having the land, staff or the know-how to be a cattle farmer. Founder Ntuthuko Shezi says he started the company because conventional investment products, like shares and unit trusts, were too complicated and often too intimidating for the common person to understand.

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Tagesgeld? Mit einer Kuh verdienen Sie 80 Mal mehr

Was haben eine Rinderfarm in Südafrika, eine Orangenplantage in Spanien und der Haettelihof am Bodensee gemeinsam? Nicht viel, abgesehen davon, dass sie die Landwirtschaft revolutionieren wollen: Mit einem neuen Ansatz, den sie „Crowdfarming“ nennen.

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Crowd-farming platform wants to launch African wealth into the mainstream

Serial entrepreneur and qualified electro-mechanical engineer, Ntuthuko Shezi, is hoping to elevate the cow as an asset and in so doing tap into the dormant commercial value inherent in, what he says, is Africa’s 100 million cattle.In October 2015 Shezi launched Livestock Wealth, a startup that marries technology and Africa’s oldest and most enduring traditional form of wealth – cattle.

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The next big investment opportunity? Cows could outperform the JSE

Buoyed by the herd: Consummate dealmaker Ntuthuko Shezi claims to offer investors an annual return on their investment that is far higher than they would currently get on the JSE. Photo: Lutendo Malatji

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Buy-a-cow scheme for city folk

Businessman Ntuthuko Shezi has come up with an innovative way to help aspirant livestock owners who have no clue on how to care for cattle .Through his concept, Livestock Wealth, cattle owners can monitor their cows grazing on a farm in Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal. This they can do on a website that will be created for owners.

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How urbanites can invest in virtual cattle

Are you interested in owning cattle, but live in an urban area? Livestock Wealth can help you.As of this week, the company is selling cattle to the public through its app and website, allowing urbanites to own cattle without having to own farmland or take care of the animals themselves.

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Mzansi’s 100 of 2017: Disruptor, Ntuthuko Shezi

Last year Shezi disrupted the financial industry when he launched Livestock Wealth, an asset management firm with a twist. The assets managed by Livestock Wealth are cows which are kept on three farms in KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State.

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Entrepreneur verkoop virtuele beeste

Stadsjapies kan nou ‘n “boerdery” begin deur virtuele beeste te koop, sonder dat hulle ‘n sooi grond besit, of na die beeste hoef om te sien!‘n Vindingryke man het ‘n virtuele boerdery met beeste bedink en hy meen dit kan die geskiedenis herskryf.

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Our Pick Of 21 Interesting Startups From Web Summit

Livestock Wealth“We are a new African currency whose value is based on cows held by the owner (like Bitcoin), but way simpler; unlocking $1 trillion in value.”.

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Livestock Wealth: Investing the African way

Meet Ntuthuko Shezi, the man on a mission to unlock the value of cows by turning cattle into a global asset of value comparable to mineral resources like diamonds and gold. Lets be honest, how many of us really comprehend the intricacies of unit trusts, share trading and bonds? If you do, the likelihood is that you’re in the minority.So instead of trying to work against the majority tide, Shezi –a serial entrepreneur and former Accenture strategy consultant – decided to go back to basics.

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Buy a Cow with Livestock Wealth

The business started out when I was once again frustrated with trying to time an entry into the stock market. Because of this, I was trying to find a way I could save and make my money grow in a way that wouldn’t get affected by factors that I can’t control or change. Owning a farm as an individual proved expensive, but cheaper if there are many of us farming the same thing on the same farm.

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Afternoon Talk with Ntuthuko Shezi CEO of Livestock Wealth

In his first interview of 2017 - renowned radio personality Ashraf Garda speaks to Nuthuko Shezi about his company - Livestock Wealth.

Livestock Wealth WEF 2017 ENCA

In the backdrop of the World Economic Forum 2017, ENCA the South African channel profiled Livestock Wealth. Founder Ntuthuko Shezi talks about the contribution of Africa to global innovation. Visit to join the cattle revolution!

Ntuthuko Shezi, Founder & CEO: Livestock Wealth, July 4, 2017

Livestock Wealth is a crowd-farming investment platform, enabling investors to buy cattle without having their own land. Founder, Ntuthuko Shezi explains how this works

Varsity TV & Tshimologong precinct host evening talks with Livestock Wealth founder Ntuthuko Shezi

The Varsity TV crew takes the next entrepreneurial talk where Lifestock Wealth founder Ntuthuko Shezi talks about his journey as an entrepreneur.

TED: Livestock Wealth CEO speak at TEDx Johannesburg

Value. How do we define it? How do we store it? For centuries, African people have stored their value in cows. In this fascinating talk, Ntuthuko tells the story of how he’s building a stock market of a different kind.

Watch: Livestock Wealth investors visit the farm

We are not just an online company - we took our investors to visit their cattle

BBC: South African firm crowdfunds cows

We took the BBC to our Rietfontein Farm in Vryheid, KwaZulu Natal for a masterclass on crowdfarming.

Livestock Wealth on [ED]

Reach out to for more information about Starting Point.

South African to participate in US Young African Leadership Initiative

In 2005, Ntuthuko Shezi was selected as a Clinton Fellow for using social entrepreneurship to achieve social change. The 33 year old has once again got another opportunity to interact with US President Barack Obama. The US Embassy announced early in 2014 that 46 South Africans have been invited to participate in the first ever Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Washington Fellowship of which Shezi is one of them.

Mandela Washington Fellowship: Ntuthuko & Ryan discuss on ANN 7

The Mandela Washington Fellows have returned to South Africa after spending six weeks in the United States studying at U.S. colleges, engaging with President Barack Obama in Washington, DC, and collaborating with 500 other young African leaders to address the challenges facing their continent.

Ayabonga Cawe speaks to Ntuthuko Shezi on Power Hour

Ayabonga Cawe speaks to Ntuthuko Shezi, the CEO of Livestock Wealth on Power Hour

Investment Case for Cattle - 23 October 2015

Ntuthuko Shezi, CEO of Livestock Wealth, tells Giulietta Talevi why cattle are a good investment and how anyone can participate.

Ntuthuko Shezi, CEO Scratch Mobile

Shezi grew up in a rural area that only received electricity when he had finished university, in 2002! He was committed to his school studies and received very high Matric results, which allowed him many options in regards to his education and university. He chose to study at UCT because they offered him the best scholarship.