What drives us

Livestock Wealth has an experienced team which uses experience and technology to better manage each farm. Our team has a combined 70 years of experience in corporate, farming and new venture creation.

Shared Wealth

We create value by producing the best quality cows to benefit our staff, farmers, investors, beef customers and the environment.


Customer First

We care for the needs of our investors and want to add value to their lives everyday.


The world of investments is filled with hidden surprises and fine print. We aim to be the opposite of that by putting you at center of the farm

The Team

We are guided by a highly respected advisory board comprising of executives with a combined 80 years experience in international business.

Ntuthuko Shezi

Founder & CEO

“I grew up in a rural area and my grandparents owned a couple of cows. The cows were the bedrock of my family’s finances and that got me thinking. Cattle are like a walking bank and we see ourselves as the bank of the future, where every person who owns a cow can access financial services through Livestock Wealth, just like it has always been in Africa.”