Stocks are complicated. Cows are easy

Invest the African way.

Our crowdfarming platform connects investors looking to invest in cows with farmers looking for investment to grow their farms.

It works like a bank fixed deposit where you invest in a cow for a 12 or 24 months period with an option to re-invest.

Pregnant Cow - 12 Month Option


Invest in a Pregnant Cow

Invest in a carefully managed three-month pregnant cow. It will give birth to a calf 6 months later and the calf grows another six months before it is sold.

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Help it Grow

Maintain both your cow and its calf for a farming fee of only R10,50 per day. The fees cover the farm rental, staff, medical expenses and insurance for both cow and calf.


Earn Income after 12 months

Earn income from the sale of the calf and get your initial investment amount back.

You may choose to re-invest for another period of 12 months in another pregnant cow or the same cow if it is available and pregnant.

GrassBeef Calf - 24 Month Option


Invest in a Calf (Oxen)

Invest in six to eight month old bull calf that is raised to produce premium grassbeef.


Help it Grow

Maintain your calf for a farming fee of R10.50 per day. The fees cover the farm rental, staff, medical and insurance. The calf gains 0.5kg per day and matures at 500kg after 24 months.


Earn Income after 24 months

On maturity the farmer buys back the mature ox for up to R18,500. You may also choose to re-invest your income into more oxen and grow your herd.

Download Brochure

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our latest brochure.


Pick a Farm, Any Farm

By investing in a carefully selected six-to-eight month old calf, you are part of the farm and entitled to share in the profits of the farm annually.


Makolobane Farm

The Makolobane Farm is located in Steynsrus, Senekal, Free State a mare three hour from Johannesburg. The farm extends over 2000 hectares and farm with Charolais cattle crossed with Boran bulls.


Fairplay Farm

The Fairplay Farm in Vryheid, Northern KwaZulu Natal, is where the magic of Livestock Wealth began. It is not a coincidence that the first 40 cows bought to test the Livestock Wealth model were located in town renowned for its coal mining and beef farming process.


Rietfontein Farm

Set against the backdrop of the majestic Drakensburg mountain, this 1800-hectare farm is located along the road on the way to kokstad from Underburg. It has approximately 250 hectares of dry land maize and carrying of 800 free-range cattle.

Jesmond Farm

The Jesmond Farm is located in Richmond, KwaZulu Natal - It is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of farms. The farm and adjoining portions extend to 4000 hectares with over 2km of it along the Umkhomazi River. The farm has cattle, game and holiday accommodation for cattle owners wanting to visit the farm.



  • Anderson Gede: Rietfontein Farm Investor

    Hi Ntuthuko , I have been to the farm, walking about my cows was very impressive, it is a dream come true. I am actually motivated to do more. Calves are healthy. It is a good thing to begin the year in this way. May God bless us in all the endeavors ahead.

    08:04, 1/4/2018

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Livestock Wealth wins R1.3m at SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards

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