A great investment opportunity for stockvels.

Is your Stockvel currently looking to invest? Look no further Livestock Wealth is the  perfect opportunity for you and your stockvel to Invest in.

This is how Africans invest, as they say a person's wealth is in their cattle and Livestock offers you that wealth. You and your stockvel will be able to grow your investment within a period of one year and receive a return on your investment or you can grow your investment even bigger. Why cattle? cattle is easy to understand unlike those complicated share price and stock exchange rates, that is why it is better to invest with us. Livestock Wealth will also offer your stockvel a chance to track their investment fully.This would be a great opportunity to secure your investment, with just a small fee a month you will be able to make a huge difference to your stockvel and stockvels are paid dividends on the sale of your cows offspring. It would take your stockvel 36 months to pay off your cow, the monthly fee goes towards the veterinary needs of your cow.