How you gain wealth?

It takes a few minutes to complete the investment onboarding process and immediately start tracking your investment as it grows over time.


You invest in a cow that is at least three months pregnant using our website, mobile App or text platforms. We maintain and care for your cow and calf on our farms for a low monthly farming fee of...

Track your investment

The website and mobile App enables you to manage your cow remotely and to give it a name. It also enables you to share recent pictures, weight and pregnancy status with your friends on Facebook,...

Your return

The cow is pregnant for nine months. When its offspring is seven months old, it is ready for sale to feedlots or abattoirs. These will weigh approximately 240kg and at today’s rate will sell for...

Who are we?

An innovative, passionate, & powerful team.

Livestock Wealth was founded in 2014 by Ntuthuko Shezi, a former Accenture strategy consultant and serial entrepreneur. In the process of acquiring farmland for the pilot of the idea, Shezi met Bill van Lelyveld, a stud Brahman farmer and owner of Clanwill Farming in Vryheid, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. We launched our company to a global audience in July 2015 at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya.


Meet our partners

"It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times" …therefore do not torture but please the eyes of your clients.

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  • I just read about @livestockwealth on @Destiny_Man this is a very brilliant idea @mashezana I definitely will be investing. Well done !
  • Live.stock.wealth.... #cows are still real currency. Rocking idea from Ntuthuko Shezi. Own cow today... #TEDxJoburg.
  • I want piece of pie in Free State Agricultural Economy. I am coming to get it with a plan SA belongs to all living in it. #LivestockWealth
  • We believe they can create a continental farm - Ntuthuko Shezi. Amazing! Live Stock Wealth @TEDxJoburg
  • Just invited my children and nephews to join me in being a shareholder what a great way to teach
  • Great Innovation. Livestock market meets Online Technology. All the Best.
  • Most unique #startup this year is crowdfarming platform @LivestockWealth.  #investment #newassetclass #cows #tia.
  • Thank you @TEDxJoburg speakers what an inspiring day! Stay in touch with @NLinSouthAfrica.
  • Merging African culture with western economics. Nthutuko Ngenwa  - public stock market for cows #TEDxJoburg #clever
  • @mashezana @TEDxJoburg @livestockwealth you were great. enjoyed your talk. all the best with our Africanised stock market.
  • In Africa cows are currency. Online marketplace for 100 million cows generating income for rural farmers @livestockwealth #cocreatesa

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Here is a view of what happens in the background to ensure that your investments are secure, growing and in good health. Have a look at our video to see what makes Livestock Wealth.

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